Tracking Changes in Compliance Status


I was wondering if there’s a way to track, within Zoya, when the compliance status of a stock changes? I had bought a ticker, which when at the time of buying was shariah compliant. Currently, it’s shariah non-compliant. I want to be sure of its status and hence want to check when it fell in and out of compliance?

The stock in question in NIO. I would really appreciate if someone can share it’s historical compliance status.


As Salam aleykum,

Thanks for asking, I had a similar question.

Further, to what @Saif asked, I am also interested to know about recommendations in such a case.
Should we sell it immediately even if it means selling at a loss?
or we hold it enough to avoid loss and purify the profit?


I advice to have a look on the Islamic Finance Guru Forum. Sheikh Faraz Adam and Sheikh Omarjee already gave the answers of all that questions.