Trade stocks with Robinhood directly in Zoya

We’re excited to announce a new feature in beta: trading stocks with Robinhood directly within Zoya.

Previously, we only supported read-only connections. You can now buy and sell stocks, including fractional shares and dollars-based orders, directly within the Zoya using your existing Robinhood account. Enjoy a streamlined investing experience without toggling between apps.

To enable Robinhood trading, simply unlink any existing Robinhood connections and re-link the account. That’s it!

What to expect:

  • Private and secure: Zoya uses bank-level encryption to protect your data. We’ll never sell your data, show you ads, or sell you shady financial products.
  • Non-custodial: Your assets stay at your institutions and are always owned and controlled by you. When you submit a trade, we simply pass your order to your broker in a secure manner.
  • No added transaction fees: Trade without worrying about extra costs from our side.
  • Beta feature: The feature is currently in beta, so you may encounter some hiccups and limitations as we continue improving it.

As always, we welcome your feedback on how we can refine the experience. Let us know by dropping a note below. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very excited to try this feature out! Just unlinked/relinked my Robinhood account, but unfortunately past trading hours so couldn’t try. Monday can’t come soon enough!

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I am new to your platform and doing some research how to invest the Halal way and also use an Halal broker.

But I am wondering what are the benefits of using zoya with the robinhood integration?

What’s the difference between just using the Robin Hood app and using yours linked with Robin Hood?