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So I started this thing called #TwitterTuesdays where I’ll post a thread on twitter with discussions from the community on every Tuesday. I’ll post a link to the twitter thread in this discussion in case you don’t follow Zoya on twitter and are curious to what’s going on. I’m especially interested in making sure that I tag you on twitter if you are on twitter. So if you see your discussion make #TwitterTuesdays but I haven’t tagged you, let me know. I’m very eager to correct it.

Without further ado, the thread includes discussions by @zern, @hkirefu, @Zaranad, @sum1, @bek.utkurov and a special mention for @muhammad.

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This weeks #TwitterTuesday thread highlights Zoyans @Umms and @Darrel_Lychee

Did I miss something? Let me know.


Another Tuesday another #TwitterTuesday. Mentioning threads and replies by @Ibromar, @kalidnor. @MohamedArziou , @UmarA , @osama, @cccheck, @Kay_Jay and @hkirefu. Did I miss anyone? Let me know.

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