UmarA's Islamic Funds Trading Algorithm


HSBC have launched a variety of UK-listed Islamic/Halal funds very recently, so starting this one with a new thread.

My Halal Funds trading algorithm has calculated these positions for today:
12.16% in HSBC Islamic Global Equities
13.00% in HSBC Japan Islamic Equities (HIJS)
44.84% in Gold (SGLP)
10.00% in BHP Group
20.00% in Cash

The most interesting position to me is Gold. Let’s see.


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وعليكم السلام

I’ve searched for these funds via IBKR and Trading 212 but couldn’t find em, where did you find them please ?

I am based in the UK. These are all UK listed, not sure about other countries.

Wa alaykum assalaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

JazakAllahu Khayra

How is one to make use of this? And at what frequency would one trade according to this algorithm (e.g., monthly)

Thanks for clarifying , I believe Trading212 is uk-based so I’m not sure why they are not listed there; I’ll deep dive into this issue.

JazakAllahu khayra

The only broker that has them all is AJBell, that I’m aware of.

IBKR wont list HSBC Islamic Global Equities - I have asked them.
I’ve also asked IBKR to list all the other HSBC ones - am awaiting a response.

I don’t use Trading 212 so don’t know.

Full list of UK Islamic/halal funds here>>