Using newest SP Funds additions to follow Dave Ramsey's 4-fund investing advice

Assalamu alaykum Halal investing community,

SP Funds released two new shariah compliant ETFs, which I found while using Zoya’s app search features.

The two new funds by SP Funds are: SPTE and SPWO

SPTE is a global technology fund. SPWO is a developing and emerging world fund.

I started thinking that, with the addition of these two funds, a Dave Ramsey-style 4-fund strategy could be followed usng four ETFs by SP funds. Dave Ramsey recommends mutual funds for the following 4 catergories.

Growth and Income
Aggressive Growth

Now, this approach is quite easy for investors to do, surprisingly. Lets use the following funds…

SPUS - Growth (broad US index)
SPRE - Growth and Income (Real estate works well as a proxy for this category)
SPTE - Aggressive Growth (a pure technology fund with global exposure fits the bill)
SPWO - Internation (exactly the fund’s goal)

Glad to hear your thoughts. I will also add, I also like Dave Ramsey’s advice about getting out of debt and holding an emergency fund.

May Allah grow our portfolios and our good deeds.



It would be interesting to analyze the overlap between the funds. Overall though, seems like a smart framework to start with!