Using Zoya App From Pakistan

Hi guys
I really love the idea of halal stocks but person like me who is living in Pakistan how i can invest using Zoya app, considering I don’t have brokerage account and how i can add money in my wallet.
I am using Sarwaa app but i dont like it honestly speaking.

Salaam and welcome, @hassan_91!

I would suggest opening a brokerage account with Alpaca. They are one of the few US brokers that support international customers, including those from Pakistan, and offer commission-free stock and ETF trading.

Once you have your Alpaca account set up, you can connect it to Zoya to unlock our portfolio monitoring, trading, and zakat features.

What about Interactive Brokers? Not the US one but the international one since we’d be creating it from Pakistan.

Not sure if we can link that with the Zoya app though, since only Interactive Brokers US is on the list.