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Has anyone heard of Vairt? They claim to allow investors to purchase fractional ownership in real estate.

I receive lots of spam, but was surprised to see this email go to my work account. In fact, they’ve sent three so far. The first one had the subject line “Ramadan Kareem” and states that the CEO’s name is Jamil Ahmed Sukhera. I looked at their Facebook page and it doesn’t seem to reference Shariah compliance.

So, I’m wondering if anyone has heard of Vairt and if it’s legit.

I can’t comment on their legitimacy but their marketing practices are questionable at best. I have received several messages from them on LinkedIn through various different fake accounts over the last few years. I’ve called them out on it but they never respond and then proceed to spam me again with a different account a few months later.

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Have you guys been able to confirm the legitimacy of the company? I had a phone conversation with one of their representative. They are offering 7-8% return monthly and 25-27% return when they flip property which is every five years. I tried looking them up
On BBB there is not even a company listed under Vairt.
Would really appreciate if someone can share their personal experience with this company

  • 1 , very aggressive on their marketing and curious if anyone has actually dealt with them

Brother Saad, This is Sheharyar From Vairt. I apologize for any inconvenience or frustration you may have experienced due to the messages you received from fake LinkedIn accounts claiming to represent Vairt. We do not engage in such practices and take these allegations seriously. We have strict policies in place to prevent unauthorized or misleading communication. If you have any specific information about the fake accounts, please share it with us so we can take appropriate action. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any further concerns or questions. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Contact me at:

Wa Alykum Us Salam, Brother Fahad. This is Sheharyar from Vairt. Vairt is a Sharia-Compliant Real Estate Investment Platform, a US-based company currently with offices in the USA, Europe, and the UAE.

We offer Fractional Ownership of Real Estate Properties starting from $25,000, providing Monthly Passive Income through rental earnings and Annual ROI through Property Appreciation.

We apologize for any inconvenience. You can reach us if you have any concerns or issues. Thank you.

Connect with us through:


I just had a zoom call with them today. Apparently, it was with a marketing team member. He couldn’t provide any additional information other than what I could get from their website. When I asked a couple of questions he didn’t seem t to answer them and had no answers. He pushed to setup a call with their sales team. I scheduled the next meeting to hear the next person says. Overall nature of the zoom call was very unprofessional and scam like. Whatever trust I had about them after browsing about them, it went further down after the initial call. At least the initial sales call lacked professionalism, transparency for a company which asks for $25k minimum investment