VAPR Electric vehicle stock


I am trying to invest in the electric vehicle company VAPR but not sure if the stock is sharia compliant or not.

How can I make sure it is Halal before investing since it’s not on the zoya app yet?


Assalaamu Alykum Anas and welcome to the Zoya community! Great to have you with us.

Great question. So I’d start with how Zoya uses the AAOIFI standard to determine shariah compliance. We’re looking at the company’s financial details and its sources of revenue. Now Zoya does this based on financials that are publicly filed by the company.

In the case of VAPR, and I’d say other IPO companies, you’re going to want something from the company that projects what those financials and revenue numbers are going to look like. Maybe an analysis? I’m guessing.

Curious to learn what other community members are would use to help them navigate this.