Wash Sale Rules


I was just hit with a couple of consecutive wash sales on my Fidelity account for one of my stocks (SESN) and I was wondering- Is there is any question as to the “halalness” of the capital gains I can get from such wash sales?

Edit: (I used Zoya to check that SESN is indeed Shariah-compliant, so at least no problems there.) Also, I see that Fidelity also adjusts the cost basis of the wash sale for the loss of the initial sale.

Mostofa Hisham

What’s the specific issue that you’re inquiring about? How do you see wash sales affecting the permissibility of your transactions?

I personally don’t really see anything wrong/haram about incurring a wash sale, as the stocks I bought were shariah compliant, and there doesn’t seem to be anything illegal/ethically ambiguous about these wash sales.

I guess I was just trying to understand about something I had not seen before

BTW, I wouldn’t recommend SESN anymore due to some unethical practices in their clinical trials