Watch - Community Showcase ft Brother Umar - Oct. 6th

Assalaamu Alykum Zoyans! Very excited to announce we’ll be hosting our first Community Event. Join us as we all get a chance to sit with brother @UmarA.

Community members will be familiar with Brother Umar’s contribution to various discussions in the forum, but most notable from his long-running thread on investing in small market cap companies. It’s been a bear market, and yet Brother Umar’s portfolio has returned 20% YoY.

The discussion will take place on Twitter Thursday, October 6th at 8:00 pm BST. Be sure to be following Zoya’s Official account. We’ll be sharing the event link here as well as soon as we’ve got it.

If you’re wondering what time that’ll be for you, check out, a tool that’s super useful for me when keeping track of when’s when.

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Super excited for this! Interested to learn more about brother Umar’s take on penny stocks :thinking:

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jzk will be an interesting conversation I’m sure!

If anyone has any specific questions, feel free to post here or message me directly and I’ll do my best iA to cover.

Assalaamu Alykum Everyone,

Due to internal issues here at Zoya, we’ve pushed the twitter space to next week. Same time, same place, but next week! Hope to seeing you there :smiley:

Assalaamu Alykum Zoyans!

Here’s the recording of the Twitter Space held at the beginning of the month.