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What are you adding/dropping to your portfolio?

What’s stocks/ETF’s are you looking to buy or drop in 2022?

always looking to buy $SPUS, i heard i should shy away from growth stocks.

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I’m no expert but that sounds like bad advice.

neither am I , I’m just saying what I heard bout what the Fed is doing.

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Adding commodity stocks in general. Looking into it.

Any in particular? Care to share?

Click this link and you’ll see some picks.

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$SPUS has been overweight growth, thus the returns.

GFP is non-compliant according to Zoya.

NPK-CT has done very well for me and it’s growth looks to expand in 2022 Inshaa’Allah

I didn’t mean the investing is spus was bad advice, i meant the not investing in growth stocks was bad advice.

Re: GFP - I don’t use the Zoya principles, which are based on AAOIFI (or whatever the acronym is). I follow a different, also legit, set of rules.

Any stocks you’re bullish on right now?

For me NPK Verde Agritech up almost 500% over the last year and Tesla have done very good me and I think that’ll continue well into 2022.

Good…don’t forget us next time you get into some good setups :wink:

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Which set of rules do you follow?

Buying tesla and google!

I don’t own google only Tesla and they’re Shariah compliant according to Zoya. I also heard they’re planning a Stock-split soon as well.

Another one I’ll be keeping an eye on is PAREX Respurces #PXT on the TSX.

-Debt Free and 378 million in Cash
-Oil company that made money in 2020
-Strong management
-Plans toIncrease production by 12% this year

But with the Russia-Ukraine war market fundamentals are out the window. Nobody knows how this will play out and its directly affecting oil/gas stocks.