What are you doing when the market dips?

So for everyone who’s been keeping an eye on the markets recently, there’s been bit of a dip across everywhere. During this time, I’m wondering what resources and references have you guys found insightful?

I read this blog post from MyWallSt and found the advice useful. I’m taking a look at my holdings and if the nothing has changed with the fundamentals I’m thinking about lowering my dollar cost average.

Looking forward to seeing what you all have to share

Same here , buying the dip SPUS < 30 , you got to love that, buy the dip , pray the tahajud ultimate plan



Hahaha, loved this, brother Osama! Buy the dip and pray Tahajjud :smiley:

Here are some things I’ve found useful

  1. First of all, sit tight and don’t touch my investments (e.g. Intuitive Surgical, Abiomed, Nvidia, Uber, Salesforce) because I know they’re inherently strong stocks that will bounce back

  2. Follow the Motley Fool Money podcast to spot bargains and buy they ASAP

  3. I find Brian Feroldi’s Twitter posts on investing very insightful

Would love to know others’ thoughts on this as well :slight_smile:


The market trend has historically been upwards, so I believe it’s best not to be bearish and instead hold steady or buy.


My approach has been to rebalance between sukuk and equities as the market goes down. I won’t accept a guaranteed loss of 6%+ a year of keeping anything significant in cash.

If you are doing regular investing (DCA), if anything you should increase it while the market is going down or otherwise leave as is, assuming you are secured in your near term (saved well, rainy day fund, etc). If you didn’t save enough and therefore need to hold back investing in a downturn, that’s okay… better than selling. But aim to be in a position in the future where if things went down you could keep buying the same or better yet buy more by rebalancing out of sukuk/cash savings. That’s my thoughts anyway.

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I was already around 1/3 into commodity stocks coming into this dip so just exiting a little more from normal stocks and redeploying partially into commodities, and then looking into REITS and possibly gold. i.e. making sure I’m diversified and following some macro themes.

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Jazakullah , im in nvidia its gone from 220 to 240 love the stock

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Wa Iyakum brother. Indeed. Nvidia looks like a killer investment, InshAllah :slight_smile:

You can also take a look at these other stocks that are on my radar. See if any of them take your fancy.

Warm regards