What are your thoughts on the new Sharia Portfolio ETF SPTE?

It appears SP has launched a new technology focused ETF: SPTE | SP FUNDS

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I am glad that they added this. I believe I will be investing in it in at least one account.

Perhaps my only gripe about it are two:

  1. Exposure to its top holdings APPL, TSM and MSFT are a little higher than I preferred.
  2. As a halal ETF, it is already quite easy to select technology stocks for a halal stock portfolio. Some technology etfs which are not sharia compliant have over 90% compliance according to Zoya. So, its actually not as immpressive to have sorted through those. Some funds come close, such as SMH, XLK, surprising high % of compliant businesses.

I will also add that, among similar technology ETFs, the expense ratio isnt even that bad. The broad index funds have the low low expense ratios, but typically not sector etfs.

I found a similar etf by iShares, and it performed with over 50% increase last year. It may not continue that trend, but it has the potential.


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