What baskets should we build next?

One week ago we introduced stock baskets on Zoya. The initial response has been great and we’re excited about the possibilities.

What other baskets would you find useful? Let us know and we’ll consider building them.

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ETF baskets

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529 Baskets. I have Bloomwell so its limited but would be helpful

Industrials in Sectors

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I would like to see Sustainability ESG funds put into baskets.

Slipped through the cracks. It’s live now. :+1:

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The Underdog Basket

Cheaper or lesser known alternatives to commonly owned stock

That’s an interesting idea, @MaheenHannan. The challenge is that objectively determining which companies are “underdogs” without being suggestive is a bit tricky. We have to be careful not to steer investors in a particular direction.

That said, one existing basket that might be worth checking out is our Small Cap basket. While not exactly the same concept, it does include smaller and potentially under-the-radar companies that some investors may miss. Could be a good starting point to find undervalued opportunities.