What medium do you use to buy Halal ETFs and Indices?

Salam Alaykom
Please help me by suggesting some apps or online platforms that I can use to invest in halal indices or ETFs such as the S&P shariah for example.

Currently using revolut for individual stocks but it doesnt offer index or ETF options.

Thank you

Any decent broker such as Schwab/ Fidelity should support ETFs, Stocks , Mutual Funds.

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Welcome, @Bassel_Basha! You can’t invest in indices directly but you can invest in funds that track a particular index. For example, here in the US, you can invest in the $SPUS ETF which aims to track the S&P 500 Sharia Industry Exclusions Index.

As for brokers, assuming you’re outside the US, Interactive Brokers would probably be your best bet.