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Why does SCI - Service corp International. fails the business screen,

SCI - Service Corporation International
The company operates through Funeral and Cemetery segments. Its funeral service and cemetery operations comprise funeral service locations, cemeteries, funeral service/cemetery combination locations, crematoria, and other businesses.

It’s revenue segments are:
Funeral: 2.34B
Cemetery Revenue: 1.79 B

Company 10-K filing: Inline XBRL Viewer (sec.gov)

So why does it fails business screen? There doesn’t seem to be any haram component is there?

Also for Shariah compliant alternatives it shows: ABNB (Airbnb Inc), BKNG (Booking Holdings Inc), TRIP (Tripadvisor Inc) how do these companies correlate to the business of SCI?

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Salaam and welcome, @AliKhan101! We’ve consulted with our shariah advisors on this topic and they highlighted concerns around the non-Islamic funeral practices such as cremation, memorial services, embalming, etc. Cremation is becoming an increasingly popular practice due to the rising costs of graves so we expect companies to continue to grow revenues through this segment.

Sharia-compliant alternatives include ABNB, BKNG, and TRIP because they provide resting/sleeping alternatives. :wink:

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