Wonder why no one talks about IGDA halal ETF?

There is an ETF called Invesco Dow Jones Islamic Global Developed Markets UCITS ETF Acc that tracks the underlying Index Dow Jones Islamic Market Developed Markets Index which has been performing pretty well over the last 10 years. I am wondering why nobody talks about this ETF when it comes to Halal ETF’s. Obviously, it is an Irish-domiciled ETF which is probably only good for European users like me. It is also follows a dividend accumulating strategy which also benefits for those like me that does not want to deal with taxes, and just wants invest money each money regularly and forget about it for 35 years.


Salam aleykoum,

On which broker can you find this ETF ?

Ualeikum assalam. You can find it in pretty much any broker. It is traded on London Stock Exchange and Swiss Stock Exchange https://etf.invesco.com/en/product/invesco-dow-jones-islamic-global-developed-markets-ucits-etf-acc/trading-information

IGDA is good.

The other options would be HIUS and ISUS.
Both are in GBP so for the UK investor, no FX translation costs vs IGDA which is in USD.

HIUS also does the purification for you. ISUS doesn’t-not sure about IGDA.

HIUS also has an ESG filter.

So a few good options depending on situation and preference!