Zakah on REITs ETFs?

How would you pay zakah on REIT ETF (shariah-compliant real estate fund)

Is it the same as rental property which in this case would be from dividends? However, The fund that I am using is with accumulating dividend policy, so I am not getting anything into my pocket, rather I use it for diversification and for growth in the future.

As a side note, i am holding it for a long term 20-30 years, no planning to sell it once i bought, only buying

My second question is, how would you purify earning from an ETF that has an accumulated policy of dividend distribution? So basically there are dividends but you are not receiving them directly into your pocket, rather it is getting reinvested into the FUND. By the it is a shariah complied ETF by HSBC, but it does not say anything about purification. At least i could not find any info on that