[Community Request 💡] Discord or private subreddit?

Not trying to discredit or disrespect your efforts, Saad. What would be the benefit of using this platform rather than having everyone join a private discord or subreddit?

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Welcome, @Mansuri.faisal!

With the launch of Zoya, we democratized access to halal investing by pioneering free access to shariah compliance screening data for every day investors. With the launch of this community, we’re hoping to do the same but with a focus on democratizing access to knowledge instead. Making this a private community would only limit us in achieving that goal.

It’s possible that at some point in the future, we may create a private section in this community specifically for Zoya Pro customers but it would need to offer something compelling beyond just being private. We haven’t had the chance to put much thought towards that idea yet.

We also looked at platforms such as Discord, Telegram, and Slack—but our concern with real-time chat is around noise control and the lack of discoverability (there’s typically lots of repetition since previous conversations can get lost pretty easily). A forum like this, however, allows for easy browsing and forces more thoughtful and civilized conversations. Curious to hear your perspective if you’ve had a different experience.


The changes in Reddit’s TOS over the last few years has been disturbing, and control over what you created is almost nonexistent.
With either platform you run the risk of censorship when it comes to controlling the types of posts or who can contribute.
With discord especially, there have been reports of bad actors joining and posting content that is against discord’s terms of service, just to get the page taken down by discord. This happens without warning, and results in the loss of everyone’s contributions to date.

What Saar said about discoverability of new content is also an issue - it will be interesting to see how the team here handles that!

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Excellent reply @saad. I have been on Whatsapp groups and I have faced all the issues you outlined. I like this forum format (atleast for now).

This is a not a quick post a Stock ticker, click Buy and then look for the next one - kind of group.

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Love the discussion brothers! After reading through I like the idea of a community platform here rather than a 3rd party app. JazakAllah khairan