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ESG Investing, how do we feel about it? *poll below*

Hey Salaam wa Laikum Zoyans!

This might be a little bit dated for some of you…

Millennials led the charge for ESG, but more people are interested in them now as per CNBC. I’m a millennial and it’s more of something I use as a blocker when I decide on whether it’s something I’d like to include in my portfolio, similar to how I use shariah compliance. There is a lot to consider when we see ESG so I’d like to learn what you guys find most important.

I’m curious to learn from other Zoyans, what do you guys look for when considering ESG?

  • I consider how the business activities effects the environment (pollution, recycling etc)
  • I consider if the business has a diverse team
  • I consider if business sells “bad” stuff (weapons, fire arms, military contracts, etc)
  • I consider if the business operates in an active conflict area

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Do those options even make sense? How would you define them? What other qualities do you consider?

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I especially try to avoid companies that are listed on BDS Movement’s website. Also any company/business that I know profits off of the poorer Uyghur region in China

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Yes exactly. I really really wish there was a screener/ Islamic portfolio that was BDS approved. I hate seeing intel, HP, and others as a major part in so many “shariah” ETFs when these are large part of Is**li settlements.

Assalaamu Alykum RMK!
Welcome to the community. Great to have you with us. Really appreciate your feedback on this topic.