Salaam Wa’ Alaykum everyone.

I can across Ethis yesterday and their campaigns look very promising.

Some projects are showing 7% return in 4 months.

Has anyone got first hand experience with using them and returns?

Jazakallah Khair.

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What is ethis?
do u have any links where I can find the information

I believe @Rashid_Lohiya has some experience using Ethis and should be able to provide some insight.

I (and some friends) have used Ethis for many years now in different real estate projects.
Almost each project had some issues in execution (we have joined more than 10 different projects and had issues in them, so it’s not just bad luck with a project or two, and that was even before Covid). The result is long delays (delays in many months and years), expected gains are not achieved (due to currency oscillation over the years of delays or just because of unexpected business issues) and finally many projects have been considered either failed or “force majeure“ and trying now to liquidate the assets to get some returns or just get the capital (there is also no timeframe for this).

They have recently switched from real estate to different types of projects but I didn’t try any of them and have no idea if the results are different from their real estate projects.

Alhamdulillah my first investment has paid out this week, on time & with the profit promised, but as I am re-investing in a 3rd project, I haven’t experienced withdrawing funds from Ethis back into my account in the UK at this time.
I am currently only investing in short-term investments with Ethis {2/4 month time frames @ 3.5%/7%}.

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It’s a halal investment company in Indonesia/Malaysia etc.