[Feature Request 💡] Getting a Full list of Compliant stocks

Like so many people, I am using Zoya to identify stocks to invest in. May Allah bless the Zoya team for this good work.

Instead of identifying a stock and then checking its compliance, I create a watchlist of only Shariah compliant stocks to pick a ticker. I am sure many do the same.

My questions are the following:

  1. Can Zoya provide a Complete list of all compliant stocks? I would use this as a baseline to create my watchlist. This complete list can be any format that allows it to be uploaded to popular sites like SeekingAlpha or TradingView.

  2. As a subscribed member, I am aware that I can we get notification when a stock has become non-Compliant. In a similar way, can i get a notification when a new stock gets added to the compliant list? This way I can keep my watchlist fully updated.

Please advise. Jazakkalah Khairan.

If they gave the full list, then everyone would immediately unsubscribe. Then there would be no income for Zoya, then the project would die.

There is a filter view function in the Zoya App which you can use to set it so that only shariah compliant stocks are visible from the discover and browse screens.

Let me know if this helps you out. I think it’ll be easier to interact, and since it’s in the app, it’s dynamic instead of a single list.

Thank you Farhan. Appreciate the reply. I am aware of this feature and it is indeed very useful.
The idea of asking for a full list was make the process of uploading to a 3rd party watchlist easier for screening, analysis and identification of stocks. If Zoya were to offer Tradingview integrated within Zoya, I would love that and be happy to pay for it too.
In sha Allah, will wait for further news on Zoya’s planned enhancements in future.

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Thank you for the reply Umar. You do have a fair point. However, since this is a dynamic list, we will continue to need the services provided by Zoya to remain Shariah compliant. Zoya could also choose to provide this data (consolidated list) as a service, at a price.

Today, I manually enter all compliant Tickers into a 3rd party site for screening/analysis etc and then trade. And I need to manually recheck the list of approx 1000 stocks every 3 months. I will do whatever it takes to remain compliant, but was looking for an easier alternative.

Appreciate this follow-up. There is an existing Product Suggestion for a Stock Screening API; give the post below a look and an upvote if you think it’s something we should consider prioritizing. This would allow for more broad integrations. I haven’t seen any community members mention Tradingview specifically, however. I would be interested in seeing if there’s interest in that.

I’m wondering if a Chrome extension that supports popular sites (TradingView, Seeking Alpha, Yahoo Finance, etc.) would be a good solution to this. Thoughts?