Halal investing in Gold in Europe

salam aleikum from Austria,

unfortunately we don’t have many possibilities in Austria to invest in Halal ETFs and other international fonds.
So i wanted to invest in Gold but don’t want to store it at home, therefore I decided to buy gold with a savings plan through my Austrian online broker. My broker has only this ETF “iShares Gold Producers UCITS ETF (IE00B6R52036)” available for a monthly savings plan. I couldn’t find it on zoya regarding shariah compliance and I hope someone on this community can help me inshallah.

This is an ETF of gold miners. So some of them will not be sharia compliant.

There should be an ETF that holds actual real gold.

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Here’s a list of Gold backed ETFs in the US Market from another discussion. Is this helpful?


How do i invest in the Gold in Europe

not really because most of them are not buyable with my online brokers, but anyway thank you very much :smiley: