Hi, I'm Farhan

As Salaam wa laikum fellow Zoyans,

My name is Farhan and I’ve recently been granted the honour to be the Community Manager for this great space. Before joining the team, I was a dude reading this forum and appreciating everyone’s content. In this role I’d like to make this space warm, welcoming and useful for all Zoyans.

To get a better idea of what we’re all about I’d love to learn a bit from you all. If you’ve got some time please please fill out this survey. It’ll help inform us for what our community looks like and maybe what we can build for ya’ll.

Beyond that, I want to make things happen for this community so if you’ve got an idea of what can space this better, if you’re working on a project that’ll help other let me know. Whatever events and efforts we put forward for this community will involve this community. I want us all to work together. Let me know! I’m here for the all of us.

If you’d read this far. Here’s a picture of me and my son Osman visiting Canada’s oldest mosque in Edmonton.


Walaikum Assalam wrb,
Congratulations on your new role. Looking forward to seeing your response more often.

Hey Fuzail,
I’m definitely keeping an eye on the forum and will try to answer whenever I can, but I’m probably not the right person to be answering a lot of questions (trust me, there are smarter Zoyans). That being said, if you see a question that needs answering or a post that needs conclusion, let me know. I am responsible for making we keep things tidy.

Sure. Thanks for your quick response.

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Wa Alaikum Al Salaam…
Congrats @Frhaann, Good luck in your new role.
I have a suggestion plz; it would be great if you can convert community Zoya web to an App :pray:.

Hey Adnan,

Thanks for the suggestion. The team at Zoya is always working to make the experience better. In the meantime, the community forum should be fully functional on mobile through your web browser. I often use it on chrome on my android phone. Let me how that works for you.

Salam I hope you are doing well

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Walaikum As Saalm Osama!
Great to see around :smiley: