Zoya Community Check In - September

Hey As Salaam walaikum everyone.

A little while back when I introduced myself to ya’ll I came with a small ask, that all Zoyans take some time to fill out a small questionnaire to help give myself and the team at Zoya how we’re all feeling. 10 days and over 100 responses later, I’ve decided to quit collecting answers and share what we’ve learned. If you’re so inclined, you can find I’ll be referencing below, here

So here we go

  • A lot of people from the US, UK and Canada filled out the survey, like over 60% of responses are from those three countries
  • Although a majority learned about the Forum from Saad’s email when the platform was launched, a good amount of people also learned friends and family and from other network effects.
  • For many Zoyans, this is the first they’ve signed up for membership in an online community. This is very exciting that you trust us so much.
  • Zoyans generally feel the community is welcoming, represents them, a space where they feel represented and a community they’re proud of. I’m saying generally because the number is around 40 to 50%.
  • The numbers for Zoyans finding value in information from fellow Zoyans vs Zoya team members was unique because the numbers were almost identical. Information from a community member or a team member, is viewed just as valid. Which is fantastic, because there are some very smart Zoyans here.

In the meantime, we’re looking for topics we can cover for upcoming webinars, blog posts, etc. Drop by and let us know.


AsSalam Farhan. Nice to see you on board.

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