Investing in DAOs

Wsalam and thanks
As of now im into two DAOs one is funding research on longevity through decentralization (vitadao) and community driven freelancing platform (braintrust) where users dont have to pay percentage on earning to the site like fiver also a community driven web3 wallet and scaling projects like starknet, zksync, falshbots there some others
Open to discussion if you have anything in mind

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Hey Abdullah, moved this into a new topic so we can elaborate further.

DAOs, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations for those unfamiliar, are very interesting but i hadn’t really thought of them as an investment opportunity; more as like a communal membership opportunity. The definition of the acronym scared me a bit, I’m definitely missing something.

Does investing in a DAO give you a coin?

You actually buy the coins representing the DAO
Lets say uniswap protocol a dex. By holding uni token you get to decide the future of it by voting on the proposals or creating your own one
PS you earn the share of fees earned by the protocol and usually in the early days of a project by staking the tokens you get more tokens through bonding curve mechanism

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Ahh that makes sense. Super cool! Thanks for helping me along @M.Abdullah