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👋 Salaam and welcome! Who's out there?

Salaam my name is Gulam Muhamad
I’m a Imam in my local town in England
Also a teacher in a full time boys Islamic boarding school
I like zoya Mashallah doing great work
Hoping to learn from other brothers
Currently investing in many stocks most time I stick to swing trades and long in Tesla


Also my advice is never be greedy
Have a strategy in place
Keep targets
And do a bit of home work before putting in company
As other brother mentioned they will be ups and downs don’t panic and don’t let it play over your mind
Always remember sustenance Allah will provide inshallah
What is meant for you it will reach you even if it’s beneath 2 mountains
And what’s not meant for us it won’t reach us even if it’s between our lips
( hadeeth )


Assalamu alaikum

My name is Norlaila. I am a small business owner and mother of 3 kids from Seattle, Washington USA. I don’t have too much experience with stocks so not sure what I’m excited about other than halal investing for my children’s savings. My husband takes care of the bulk of investing for all of us. Grateful that there is a platform like this for Muslims to rely on and I pray for the highest success of Zoya.

Jazakum Allahu khairan.


Assalamualaikum everyone
Wanted to introduce ourselves.
My wife and I are property investors based in Australia, but growing a portfolio in the UK (yes, remotely!) :call_me_hand: We started with BTLs/rentals in Scotland and now focusing on bigger projects in Northern England. We also invest in the Malaysian and US stock market.
We are investing part-time alongside our medical careers, I am a doctor and my wife is a hospital pharmacist. Looking to network with like-minded investors so please feel free to follow us on social media.


Salam Everyone!

My name is Afiq, and i’m based in Singapore. I’ve been helping my community with Personal Islamic Finance (of which there’s a growing interest here) and investing has been a passion of mine, more so now with Halal Investing.

Looking forward to learning here, and sharing all that i’ve learnt to my community at home.

Just for fun, if you google Fuss Free Finance, thats me (unless you found the Australian commercial loan company which shares the same name)



Walaikum Assalaam Afiq!
Great to have onboard. Looking forward to having you with us!

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Abdullah here, from Pakistan invested in biopharma startups and recently got into DAO, web3 and blockchain technology
PS learning and trying my best to keep things halaal


Hey Assalaamu Alaikum Abdullah!
Welcome to the community! I’ve been looking at DAO and other blockchain stuff. Fascinating stuff. How’s that going for you? Looking forward to seeing you around :smiley:

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Assalamu Alaikum

I am Fahim Ahmed from Michigan USA

I would like to thank Zoya founders, they made my work really easy for halal stock screening.

I am just an individual investor. Bullish on American equities in general


Walaikum Assaalam Fahim!
Great to have you with us and thanks for the recognition. Feel free to post a question or bring up a new topic to get a discussion started :smiley:

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HTZZ HTZZW ONTX LCID this stocks are Halal? Zoya apps are not available

Hey Fahim,

So looks like a combination of OTC and some fresh IPOs. At Zoya doesn’t offer support for OTC stocks, but we dope hope to offer support for some of the most popular ones at some point. As for companies that has only been listed recently, it takes a couple of months before we’re able to provide a report. This is something that we’re looking to optimize as well. We’ve seen plenty of interest in LCID over the past little bit so we understand how important this is for Zoyans.

Assalam alaikum yall!

  1. I’m Mubashir, and I work as an electrical engineer in the power markets industry. I recently got started into investing, and realized the importance of educating myself about the halal/haraam of it, and the compliance side of things

  2. Based in Houston

  3. Long duration (electrical) energy storage! Basically, new battery tech. Will disrupt the energy industry in a big way and help transition to renewables. Though right now, that’s only lithium stocks and a new experimental stock GWH
    Also, EV stocks.


Walaikum Assalam Mubashir!

Welcome the Forum. We’re definitely seeing a rise in interest in renewables and battery stocks amongst Zoyans recently. I’m wondering if investing in renewables is a part of a larger ethical philosophy or a sector you’ve identified for growth. I dropped a link for a poll and discussion we’ve got rolling in the topic.

Beyond that I’m looking forward to seeing you around :smiley:

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As salaamu alaykum. I’m Maliki from Brooklyn, NY (Moving to England soon Inshaa) I’ve been investing in HLAL, SPUS & SPRE and recently got into SOXQ & NULG since I looked over their compliance review. I want to see if there’s any fairly new stocks like LCID that are affordable and are Shariah Compliant to invest in.

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JazakAllah khair @Frhaann !
It’s both actually. It’s easier for me to make investments in energy because I follow stuff closely, due to work. And there is the ethical motive too.
Also, possibly extra sawab in there too (because it will help society as a whole), InshaAllah!

Walaikum As Salaam Maliki!

Love that you’ve been able to take advantage of the ETF screener. Thanks so much for taking the time to introduce yourself formally haha. Looking forward to seeing you around more.


Thanks for building this platform and community!

  1. Edrees, studied engineering, management, and ethics; lost my life savings at an “Islamic” bank so I try to take this shariah-compliance stuff seriously xD
  2. Currently located in Houston, TX
  3. I’m new to the markets, like COVID capitulation 2020 new. Still learning. Was into equities until I lost my life savings in the bank and realized banks are no bueno, so when I learned about crypto, I went all in. Highly recommend this Bitcoin Standard Podcast episode with Harris Irfan on the Most Islamic Form of Money

Excited about $XNO (formerly $NANO) as it could become the de facto payment settlement solution for FX markets (~$7 Tn daily ); if it captures just 1% of that, its price would >100x from here!

Also Forex trading could become halal if the transactions are settled on the spot and the actual currencies are exchanged^


Assalamualaikum warahamatullah. I am Amina Idris, a Nigerian Muslimah by birth and residency, a nurse/midwife working with an international NGO in Zamfara state of Nigeria. I joined Zoya early last year while looking for information about halal investments. I am also following updates from other Islamic investment platform like Islamic finance guru and Islamicly, though I hardly contribute any research works or recommendations. I am a novice in the business world as most of my earnings come as salary. I really hope to actively participate in this community, learn a lot and have halal plus secure investment plans through Zoya.
I am envisaging holding Exxon Mobil and Tesla stocks long term. I hope to hold Bitcoins and Ethereum long term too. Any other promising halal stock will be considered inshaa Allah.