Is My 401(k) Plan Halal?

A note to the reader: In this article, I will be using the term “401(k)” for the sake of simplicity. This article will also apply to you if your employer offers you a 403(b) or a 457 plan. The terms and conditions of these types of accounts are very similar.

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A lot of what’s covered in this piece applies to Canadian too. Think Registered Retirement Savings Plan, RRSP, when reading 401(k). Same same but different.

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Also, if anyone wants to download the Template to advocate for an SDBA at your employer try the link below.

To make your own copy just click on File on the top left and then make a copy

let me know if anyone has any issues

Also, thanks to @Malak_Kudaimi for putting this together!

Thank you for this! Do you have the links to the articles as well?

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Assalaamu Alykum Eskay! Great question. Here are the three articles referred to in the email template. Let me know if that helps.

Umpierrez, A. (2021, April 8). What to know before adding an SDBA to your plan. PLANSPONSOR. What to Know Before Adding an SDBA to Your Plan | PLANSPONSOR

Carosa, C. (2022, February 23). 401(k) FAQ: Pros & cons of self-directed accounts vs. TDFs. Forbes. 401(k) FAQ: Pros & Cons Of Self-Directed Accounts Vs. TDFs

Pastor, R. (2021, March 9). Op-ed: Here’s how to capitalize on a self-directed brokerage account within your 401(k) plan. CNBC.


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Salaam, this is what I was looking for, thank you!