My penny stock picks

Just sharing my public penny stock picks I’ve been sharing in other forums.


Doing OK, nothing amazing.

Nothing new to mention. Still holding.

As usual, penny stocks like these are high risk, can drop 30% the next day for no reason, and can go to zero. So be careful, and none of these are recommendations…they are just ideas that I have invested in among others.

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Quick thesis on each
CAPD - gold drilling service - won contracts LY - don’t think the market has priced it in properly yet
BEW - B2B IOT business - needs to continue high growth. Last Q results not that great.
CPH - acne product manufacturer - FCF yield was too good despite melting ice cube situation
MBR - Polish waste management - just looks undervalued given the results. Legal claim risk situation.

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You have one high quality biz in these 4. I own one of them actually. I am surprised anyone even knows about it! I will let you figure out which one it is. It is more fun that way :slight_smile:

I bought CVM today @ $8.40 & CTXR @ $2.75
Ready to buy XELA @ $2

Yeah BeWhere is the only high quality business in these.

Whether it’s the highest quality stock investment…time will tell!

Did I guess right?!

I think it’s CAPD… don’t keep us guessing too long lol

@UmarA Can you please give the full name of the first 3 companies and where they are listed?

I own MBR - MoBruk. It is the Waste Management of Poland. Agree on the undervaluation given the growth. Check the financials , profit , roe , yield, your eyes may pop out :slight_smile:

Sure. If you use Yahoo Finance, it’s CAPD.L (Capital - LSE), BEW.V (BeWhere - TSXV), and CPH.TO (Cipher Pharmaceuticals - TSE).

Happy to discuss further!

Agree with you on MBR!

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Xela is non compliant stock

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Just checked CAPD on Zoya and it seems like its not a shariah compliant stock.

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jzk for pointing it out.

It looks like it is due to Zoya using AAOIFI and me using Taqi Usmani.
i.e. under AAOIFI it looks not compliant, under Taqi Usmani rules, it looks compliant.

@UmarA Can you please post the rule book as per Taqi Usmani. thanks!

@adib sure no problem here you go!

Alhamdullilah fantastic to be part of this group.

Penny stock market looking a little bit wobbly.

My guess is that it’s to do with the combination of the third covid wave and high inflation, therefore reducing the ability of the central banks/govts to continue printing money.

Keeping a watchful eye and might move a portion to cash soon.

One thing - its a market of stocks and not stock market. Each stock moves on its own. Sure there are sectoral influences and broad market influences. sometimes very strong. over long periods, the fundamentals of the company win in most cases. there are exceptions to everything.

Market timing is very tough.

The link you posted from IFG. Are you saying they follow Taqi Usmani and which is what you follow?


Yes that article is the Mufti Taqi Usmani approach.