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Salam! Does anyone have advise about online stock advisor subscription services like the Motley Fool’s basic plan or Seeking Alpha premium service or MarketBeat All Access? I know they all have free and at times useful daily emails though they market heavily.


My recommendation if you like doing some research and need some assistance is
(1) Value Line - 4 Portfolios and coverage on 3500 stocks.
(2) Morningstar - Their premium sub comes with 2 stock newsletters, an ETF newsletter and one for Mutual Funds. They also provide active research on 1000+ stocks

Many libraries will give you online access for free or discounted price. I get them from Austin Public library for $22/year ! ( They cost $450 combined)


I use:

  • IO Fund for tech stocks. Last year they had better performance than ARK.
  • for a broader collection of long-term hold stocks

Amazing! I wasn’t aware of this hack.

@aamir Thanks for sharing that info, can you give some examples of good/bad recommendations by either of these? That you may have invested in.

I’ve subscribed to Motley fool UK and US separately, the recommendations seem good, but i’d prefer a diverse portfolio, which im not really getting, especially after filtering out Hallal ones.

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Hey @Ballal after you filter out Halal stocks from your Motley Fool subscriptions, do you still find the number of recommendations worth it? I’m still trying to decide if a subscription will be worth it for me.

I’ve really enjoyed the Motley Fool US monthly stock picks. They give you around 10 Best Buy Now Stocks per month, and usually around 5 or more are sharia compliant. Many of them repeat though, so the same stock might be recommended like 3 times in the year. I’ve noticed that the timing isn’t always great for some recommendations, but for the most part, their timing is good (but do your own research). I do enjoy reading their insights on the stocks. Their method is to hold a stock for at least 3-5 years. So far, I’ve had a membership for two years, and I currently hold 19 of their recommendations, and most of them are doing well alhamdulilah. I got the annual membership on sale for $149, and personally, I would get it every year. I just like that so much of the research and work is already done for me, I get introduced to new stocks, and I’ve definietly made more than the cost of the membership every year alhamdulilah. So it’s worth it for me :slight_smile:


Sorry I missed this, yes definitely worth it, The recommendations are good and they have done their research, the way i look at it, there’s a team of experts trying their best to find awesome stocks, surely my own research wouldnt match theirs, their aim is to keep finding winning stocks so more people join their subscriptions, it’s win-win situation.
But as @asilmoussa mentioned, for a few of them the timing wasn’t right for me, I happened to enter the market, just before the peak or the 3rd/4th time the same stock was recommended, markets dipped after i had averaged up. So since I’ve been averaging down on those.

Overall my portfolio is and covered their fee 100x over Mashallah :slight_smile:
However, i’d reccomend it only if you are in a position to create a diverse portfolio, otherwise till then you could stick to the likes of ISUS ISWD. Which have also done well over the last 1 year for me.

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Jazakullah Khairan for your response. I’ll definitely take your review into recommendation, I think I will give them a try. InshAllah I will find it successful.

I Also uses Motely fool & IBD (For Growth stocks)