Talking Zakat

Assalaamu Alykum Everyone,

I wanted to open up this thread to gather any questions people might have about Zakat. If you’re not familiar with the basics of Zakat or would appreciate a quick refresher, check out the video below by the good folks at with the help of @Joe.

If you’re wondering about calculations, check out brother @M.Abdullah’s thread.

Is there about Zakat you’d like to learn? Is there a resource about Zakat you find useful? Let’s share

I just take 2.5% of the money I have in the bank and stocks. And try to be safe by rounding upwards just in case.

Then I start giving it away from Ramadan of that year to the next. I use the Money Manager app to keep track and filter the data in Excel periodically to see whether I’ve exhausted the amount for that year. If so, I start the next year.

I know this is a crude way, but it’s the best system I could come up with. Hoping to learn better ways from you guys, InshAllah :slight_smile:

can you simplify this for someone who has a robhinhood account and is just in it for the long term:

Maybe this will help @Kaschif?

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