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Zakat calculation

How did you guys calculate zakat last time. You don’t need to give exact number if you don’t want to. Just a demo what you included and what you didn’t

Welcome to the community, @M.Abdullah! I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you asking how to calculate zakat in general or on your investments? Can you please clarify?

Thanks. Yea im asking in general how do you calculate on your all the withholdings, everything you own cuz zakat is on everything what we hold in cash what we trade like if someone runs a superstore or is involved in real estate or whatever business one is involved in and investment too. So if people from different backgrounds share their process of calculation as an example it would be easy to understand

Here are two calculators


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I would also add https://zakat.fyi to the list which is a free calculator built by @AtifJaved (and other volunteers) based on @Joe’s book Simple Zakat Guide.

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