UmarA's Halal Funds Algorithm vs WahedInvest Aggressive Portfolio


I’m going to re-start my halal funds algorithm again from 1 Jan iA.
I have started a new thread just to start clean as it will be slightly different.

I will track performance vs the WahedInvest aggressive portfolio, which in the UK is 50% HSBC Islamic Global Equities and 50% Global Equities (ISWD). I might also compare versus my SmallCap picks on the other thread but will decide later.

The model will trade once a month maximum. I will be sharing all trades live. This should, in theory, beat the market on average by a few % each year.


Looking forward to it, InshAllah!

My Algorithm is invested 50% SPSK and 50% cash as of now.
SPSK was 17.78 on 31-Dec.

Wahed’s portfolios are like this

I will compare vs the V Agg (very aggressive) and also the Mod Agg (moderately aggressive).

My portfolio is here. +80% since Jan-21 alhamdullilah. +24% FY22.