UmarA's Halal Funds Algorithm vs WahedInvest Aggressive Portfolio


I’m going to re-start my halal funds algorithm again from 1 Jan iA.
I have started a new thread just to start clean as it will be slightly different.

I will track performance vs the WahedInvest aggressive portfolio, which in the UK is 50% HSBC Islamic Global Equities and 50% Global Equities (ISWD). I might also compare versus my SmallCap picks on the other thread but will decide later.

The model will trade once a month maximum. I will be sharing all trades live. This should, in theory, beat the market on average by a few % each year.


Looking forward to it, InshAllah!

My Algorithm is invested 50% SPSK and 50% cash as of now.
SPSK was 17.78 on 31-Dec.

Wahed’s portfolios are like this

I will compare vs the V Agg (very aggressive) and also the Mod Agg (moderately aggressive).

My portfolio is here. +80% since Jan-21 alhamdullilah. +24% FY22.

Algo sold SPSK at 17.90 and is now 50:50 SPRE (at 21.15) and cash

Algo sold out and went 100% cash

Portfolio adjustment.
Took 50% of the cash and put into SPSK (Sukuk)
So ending up half in cash half in SPSK

Thanks for sharing!

Curious to know your rationale for holding $SPSK.

Backtesting it (Backtest Portfolio Asset Allocation) shows that it just loses money. Would it be better to just hold more Cash instead? or am I missing something?

With fixed income assets like sukuk or bonds, when interest rates rise they drop in value (all else being equal).

Interest rates have risen over the period you’re looking at, which is why it’s “lost money”.
If interest rates fall, then it will “make money” (all else being equal).