Zoya Pro Research Feature

AA. I may be missing it, but in Zoya Pro Explore tab, could users set filters or expand the columns displayed? Is there a web/browser interface that supports a larger monitor?

I was hoping I could set a filter on stock or funds (i.e. greater than 70% compliant) and then get the stock/fund name, AUM, Expense, Div Yield, % Compliant/Non_Compliant/Unrated/Questionable, and no. of holdings in a tabular fashion, so I could quickly perform some analysis.

Is there anyway to do this? Is there an Excel version of the data?


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Walaikum Assalaam @Sarah, welcome to the community! Great to have you with us.

There’s a product suggestions category on this forum where Zoyans are able to suggest new ideas and vote on which ideas they’d like the Zoya team to prioritize.

Here are a couple of discussions that I think are in line with what you’re asking.

That being said, I really like the specific fields you’re looking for as well. Insightful stuff for our team as well. Feel free to add your own insight or ask for an elaboration on any of the existing discussions and vote on where you think should prioritize our energy.

If there’s anything you’d like that isn’t within the description provided here, please suggest your idea as well! :smiley: